Do you know the Moon Under the Water?
My favorite public-house, the Moon Under Water, is only two minutes from a bus stop, but it is on a side-street, and drunks and rowdies never seem to find their way there, even on Saturday nights.
Its clientele, though fairly large, consists mostly of “regulars” who occupy the same chair every evening and go there for conversation as much as for the beer.
If you are asked why you favor a particular public-house, it would seem natural to put the beer first, but the thing that most appeals to me about the Moon Under Water is what people call its “atmosphere.”
Lilli Brush

Presenting Lilli Brush, a hand drawn typeface. Designed directly from a sample of the wonderful Lilli Carré's own handwriting. Lilli will be used exclusively for an upcoming film called "Harry Who and the Chicago Imagists".

The biggest concern in building Lilli Brush was that it felt like illustrative handwriting. With that in mind there is a changing baseline and letter height, as well as compressed forms for typically wide letters, such as the M and W. There are even built in features to replace duplicate letters, so that the "t"s in "letters" aren't the same.